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Are you Licensed, Insured?


We are a licensed business in the state of Minnesota(File #4235683-2), we carry full liability insurance.

All paperwork and proof of insurance is available upon request.

Snow Plowing - Commercial & Industrial Lots

Snow is plowed at 1 inch minimum, during storms or blizzards plows are to arrive every 4 inches. Sanding & Salting are also available.

Snow Plowing - Residential Homes

Snow Plowing is at a 2inch minimum, or every 4 inches during storms until complete, snow is removed by 6am prior to follow up city plowing.

Sidewalks & Walkways are included.

De-thatching: What is it? Why is it important?

Thatch is dead-decomposed grass leafs that are left over from previous season(s) lawn mowing. Each time your mow your lawn, the grass that is mulched is left on the lawn and later decomposes and turns into thatch. Healthly layers of thatch are between 1/8 inch to 2 1/2inches. Any higher amounts are dangerous layers, when thatch is scaled larger than 3inches, it defeats the lawn from getting its needed nutrients, water, and sunlight.

De-thatching is the process of removing the dangerous layers of thatch from the lawn to aid the lawn in getting its much needed sunlight, fertilizer(s) and water.

Aeration: What Is It? Why Is It Important?

Aeration allows grass roots to deeply penetrate the soil, helps fertilizer reach grass roots, hepls rain reach soil and grass roots, also allowing organic matter to reach roots. Aeration is very important to avoid severe compaction of your lawn, increasing the risk of weeds crowding out the grass.

- Also known as "core cultivation" or "aerifying"

- Plug and core aeration are the same/do the same job.

- Aerators best penetrate when the lawn is moist, making it wise to water a day before.

It's is recommended that your lawn is aerated at least once a year